Mount Batur sunrise Activity 1717 Mt

Starting early in the morning, we drive you to the foot of Mount Batur from the beginning of the climb starting at 4:00 am in the morning.

On your way to the top of the mountain takes a little trek with a variety of small challenges, both dusty roads,slippery little crisp, big rocks that must be reached, at least two hours 10 minute of track.

Itinerary :

- Ubud area :
02:30 from the hotel

- Denpasar area :
- 02:00 pick up.

- 03:10 am to get explain about tour program and breakfast ' head light' 150 ml mineral water
- start to point tracking, 03 : 20
- 03: 45 ready to the top walking on the dark , and beet slipery rood
- on top 06: 10 while waiting sunrise , we will provide second breakfast , banana , eggs ' bread
- one hours enjoy sunrise , picture 
- 07 : 15 hot steamed are to magic kitchen to boiled eggs on hot steamed area 
- 08:00 back down
- 09 : 30 back to continue next program to coffee plantation.

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